Berlin born, now Luzern based full time Resident DJ in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. Passionate Supporter & Pusher of the House Remix Movement and rising DJs/Producers. 24/7 in search for shining new interpretations of gold tracks. Mainly performing DJ & Booker for The Box Music and Radio DJ for the Music Killers from 89.5 Music Fm.

The House style depends. In Clubs mainly Uplifting House with peak at Tech House. On Radio remix based Classic House up to modern Deep House. In the Tribute Series memorable tracks of Superstars turned into Deep House and in the Deeper Vibrations Mix Bedroom Series mainly Deep House with subject of love and pain. The rise as DJ lead to start of own productions in 2018 as "The Next Step".

Every Saturday On Air Radio Show 20.00h - 21.00h -


Linda Grazia, the Zurich based DJane, member and Booker of The Box Music is becoming known in the electronic music world for her vocal and string heavy techno/deep house sets. With Sicilian roots and the love of Tango music her DJ sets are often laced with emotion and passion. Her aim is to give the crowd an amazing experience and of course to make them dance. As a nod to her skills as a DJ/Producer Linda Grazia won Zürich's 2017 Street Parade Contest.