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Welcome! This blog will contain DJing and House Music topics from A to Z. From time to time I will share my experiences, my personal advices, usefull checklists for absolute beginner DJ´s and for those, who just want to catch up informations or get new perspectives to the art of DJing. I m also going to share some interesting facts from the best DJ book on the market: "Everything You Need to Know About DJing and Success" of Danny Rampling, 2010.

1. Digital DJing

The move away from analogue, vinyl-based DJing gathered momentum with the introduction of CD turntables. The Pioneer CD turntable, conceived some 15 years ago, became a reality when the CDJ 1000 was released in 2001, quickly becoming the industry standard. In 2009 the fully updated CDJ 2000 was released. In 2000, Native Instruments, who are now widely recognized as being the original innovators of the digital DJing scene, released the worlds first computer-based DJing software: Traktor DJ Studio, now known as Traktor Pro. 2005 saw the release of vinyl and CD emulation technology, giving DJs the ability to play digital tracks on their existing analogue set-ups, via the use of specially distend time-coded vinyl and CDs. ***(From the book of Danny Rampling, 2010 s.98).

Digital DJing

- Ability to be more creative (with your music) when mixing

- Easy to loop, add effects, slice music and remix on the fly

- Potential for crossover between certain types of DJing and production software

- Portability of set up, laptop and midi-controller vs. vinyl decks and mixer

- Transportation of music, MP3s vs. vinyl records

- Cheaper cost of MP3s vs. vinyl

- Potential to beat match automatically, which diminishes one of the skills of DJing

- Visual aspects of working with computer not as exciting as using vinyl decks

- Absence of vinyls distinctive sound


2. Before Play Checklist for CDJ Pioneer 2000 NEXUS 2

Master Tempo – ON

Tempo – (-/+6)

Quantize – ON

Time Mode – Remain

Jog Adjust – Manual Individual

Master Cue – ON

Direction – FWD

Booth Monitor – Set

Trim / Master – Orange/Green Set

Effects – MASTER

Level – 0