Feri entered the professional music industry in the tender age of 19 and made his first steps as an artist for the Berlin-based music label, Berlin Massive with the OSM. National and international music projects between 2004 and 2010 from Germany to China led to studio and big stage experiences. After a break Feri has completely committed himself to the House Music scene at the end of 2016 as DEEP LISON. Taking off in 2017 with multiple DJ residencies in Germany and Switzerland and playing almost 100 national and international nights in 1,5 years has formed a massive foundation for the rapidly growing DJ career and led to the big capital radio station 89.5 Music Fm in Budapest, Hungary. As part of the weekly Music Killers DJ Show, 89.5 Music Fm is airing the popular DJ sets Saturdays at 20.00h before DJ's like Oliver Heldens 21.00h, Don Diablo 22.00h, Tiesto 23.00h, Hardwell 00.00h and Armin Van Buuren 01.00h. The worldwide broadcasting 89.5 Music Fm also features national DJ's like Antonyo, Danny L, DJ Nara, Jovan, Lauer, Newl, Nigel Stately, Pixa, Willcox, Yamina and Zoohacker who play in the first rows in Hungary. The motto: "The Most Serious DJ's in One Show".


The Deep House Tribute Shows of DEEP LISON reached over 1.7 million (08/2018) listeners on Youtube since 2017. Connecting the audience with Classics but keeping the connection with the ever-changing music is the focus in his DJ sets. Compositionally transitions and dramatic atmospheres speak for themselves. So watch out for the weekly Deep House Friday Vibes Shows on Youtube & Soundcloud and the weekly Music Killers Radio Show on Saturdays for a good vibed weekend start.

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Latest 11.02.19 - Update

Latest 15.12.18 - Update

Since 10/2018 in a break from nighttime bar & club parties. Currently in studio work.

Latest 29.10.18 - Your Music Submissions

Dear Producers and Record Labels, due to the experiences of the last months, I need to inform you about the following:

If you submit your music for a play in the weekly Deep House shows to info@deeplison.de, so please mind following requirements:

1. Send in wav or at least in best possible mp3 format with 320kbs

2. Direct download link without any registration requirements

3. Add infos to the artist and the production itself (for possibly radio liners)

4. Only Deep House, House between 118 - 126 bpm

5. Minimum duration 03:00 minutes


Thanks in advance!

Latest 18.08.18 - Deep House Friday Vibes Series

Who doesn ´t know this, the week have been tedious and you look forward to the end of the week. Your exit is Friday with its special energy in the air. Deep House Friday Vibes is just part of this feeling and take you by hand into the world of Deep House. On Soundcloud and Youtube every Friday!

Latest 05.05.18 - Tracklists Of The Shows On Music Fm

You can check all the played Music Killer Radio Shows and the tracklists
on Music Killers in the specific profiles.

Latest 24.02.18 - Radio Show On 89.5 Music Fm

After the debut party in Budapest, I ve been invited to join the Music Killers Radio DJ team and to play my DJ sets on 89.5 Music Fm regulary every saturday, 20.00h - 21.00h local Budapest time. On special occasions, the show shifts to the next week.

Listen Now 89.5 Music Fm

Latest 27.01.18 - Interview At 89.5 Music Fm 

The very first live radio show on 89.5 Music Fm in 01/2018.