Latest 14.02.18: Interview on 89.5 Music Fm Budapest 

This is the very first live radio show of DEEP LISON on 89.5 Music Fm with Gergely Juhasz, book author and radiomoderator. Invited to play for the Club Symbol Budapest and its 10th Birthday Party provided from Music Killers from Music Fm. Right before the live radio show as you can see. Enjoy the little warm up set and check out the radio station 89.5 Music Fm and the Music Killers DJs.

Latest 27.01.18: Joined the Music Killers (89.5 Music Fm)

In 2016 Music Killer's Dj Show kicked off a new era of music when Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and Tiesto joined. Since then, they mix every Saturday from 20.00 clock in the 89.5 Music Fm program, Hardwell every Sunday from 21 clock.


Music Killers is the only real live Dj Show in Hungary, where the most famous top DJs and real world stars are mixed together! With webcams it is possible to watch and listen to the Music Killers Dj Show live every day and to post on Facebook on the 89.5 Music Fm Facebook page and ask the best Djs!


The Music Killers have many genres: House, Deep House, Tech House, Nu Disco, Mainground, Electro, Edm, R'N'B, Trap, Twerk, Moombahton. Who puts the top Djs behind the turntables? It ´s Gergely Juhász! Music Killers Dj Show every night on 89.5 Music Fm!

Latest 15.11.17: The Box Music

Finally The Box Music was born in 11/2017! We are glad that we have a really professional DJ, Producer, Booker, Club and Bar network between Konstanz, Luzern and Zurich, cooperating in these cities. From House till Techno, from fancy Bars till big factory Club.  Click here to get more info.


(More Details on Soundcloud & Facebook)

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