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Latest 19.09.18 - Saturdays Timetable

Latest 29.08.18 - Studio Time & Performance Break

Playing the last contracted DJ live Shows this year before I go to a well deserved break!

Latest 18.08.18 - Deep House Friday Vibes Series

Who doesn ´t know that, the week have been tedious and you look forward to the weekend. Your escape is Friday and on the weekend there is this special energy in the air. Deep House Friday Vibes is just part of this feeling and take you by hand into the world of Deep House. On Soundcloud and Youtube!

Latest 29.06.18 - New Upload, Summer Vibes 2018 Series

Hey to all of my listener around the globe! I had to put my focus on my live shows and the On Air radio sessions at 89.5 Music Fm. I hope you understand this and are still with me. This is my Summer Vibes 2018 Series with 5 uploads for you. Enjoy your summer! Your Deep Lison.

Latest 29.05.18 - New Upload, 110 Minutes Deep House

110 % Deep House, 110 minutes DEEP LISON.

Latest 05.05.18 - Tracklists Of The Shows On Music Fm

You can check all the played Music Killer Radio Shows and the tracklists on Music Killers in the specific profiles.

Latest 07.03.18 - Facing The Next Step, Producing

I am accepting "the next step" and I am saving currently for better studio equipment. Gig for gig, buck for buck. I hope I can start this year 2018.

Latest 24.02.18 - Radio Show On 89.5 Music Fm

After my debut in Budapest, I play on 89.5 Music Fm the freshest and best Deep House and Club House tracks in one Show. Regulary every saturday, 20.00h - 21.00h local Budapest time. Info: Music Fm hosts own parties in Budapest. Before these events, you can listen to the Warm Up  DJ sets live.

Listen Now 89.5 Music Fm

Latest 27.01.18 - Interview At 89.5 Music Fm 

This is my very first live Radio Show on 89.5 Music Fm. I ve been booked to play for the Club Symbol Budapest and its 10th Birthday Party provided from Music Killers. This was the Warm Up Radio Show before the Club Show.

Latest 27.01.18 - Member Of The "Music Killers"

In 2016 the Music Killers DJ Show kicked off a new era of music when Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and Tiesto joined the DJ crew from Budapest. Since then, they play every Saturday evening from (20h) in the 89.5 Music Fm program, Hardwell every Sunday from 21h.


Music Killers is the only real live DJ Show in Hungary, where the most famous top DJs and real world stars are mixed together! With webcams it is possible to watch and listen to the Music Killers DJ Show live and to post on the 89.5 Music Fm Facebook page and ask the DJs directly!


My name is Feri, born in Berlin, Germany 1987 and living currently in Luzern, Switzerland. I am full time DJ and supporting the House Remix Movement and rising House DJs/Producers. Mainly performing DJ & Booker for The Box Music based in Switzerland and Radio DJ for the Music Killers from 89.5 Music Fm in Hungary. My House style depends. In Clubs basically uplifting energetic House with peak at Tech House & Techno. In Bars, in my Mixsets and on Radio remix based Classic House and Deep House.