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Latest 29.06.18 - New Upload, Summer Vibes 2018 Series

Hey to all of my listener around the globe! The last months I had to put my focus on my live shows and the on air radio sessions on 89.5 Music Fm. I had less time for uploads and new mixes. I hope you understand this and you are still with me. This is my Summer Vibes 2018 Series with 5 uploads for you. Enjoy your summer! Your Deep Lison.

Latest 29.05.18 - New Upload, 110 Minutes Deep House

110 % Deep House, 110 minutes DEEP LISON. Now on Soundcloud, Youtube and Mixcloud.

Latest 05.05.18 - Tracklists Of The Played Radio Shows On Music Killers

You can check all the played Music Killer Radio Shows and the tracklists on Music Killers in the specific profiles.

Latest 07.03.18 - Facing The Next Step, Producing

More than 5K follower on Youtube and Soundcloud in only one year, basically because of my mixsets, my style of mixing, my sense for keys, and mood creations. I am accepting "the next step" and I am saving currently for better studio equipment. Gig for gig, buck for buck. I hope I can start this year 2018.

Latest 24.02.18 - Radio Show Every Sat on 89.5 Music Fm

After my debut in Budapest, I play on 89.5 Music Fm the freshest and best Deep House and Club House tracks. Regulary every saturday I open the Music Killers Weekend Show. Start: 20.00h local Budapest time. Music Fm Hosts own parties. During these events on saturday, you can listen to the warm up Shows from various Music Killer DJs.

Listen live here ►
Listen Now 89.5 Music Fm

Latest 27.01.18 - Interview At 89.5 Music Fm 

This is my very first live radio Show on 89.5 Music Fm. I ve been booked to play for the Symbol Club Budapest and its 10th Birthday Party provided from Music Killers. What an experience. After landing we were picked up by Robert who took us to the radio studio where I had a little live interview. So many creative and professional souls who are providing a really interesting and young radio program. Later we arrived in our Hotel Budapest Continental. We thought about going out and we got in touch with Budapests nightlife for the first time. I was impressed of the positive energy in this dynamic city. The people, the venues, everything is so alive. I highlight this because, exactly this dynamic is rare in relation to other european cities. The next morning the radio picked us up at the Hotel and we ate some really tasty local food in a fantastic hungarian restaurant. After an interesting conversation at the table we headed towards the Symbol Club at afternoon to do the first soundcheck. Symbol Club is one of the fanciest Clubs in Budapest with its two dance floors. After I checked the equipment with my own setup, I had a little time in the Hotel and waiting for the pick up for the live radio warm up show, you can watch in the video on Youtube. The Music Fm studio is really nice located at the Danube river in an impressive high building. After the warm up radio show we had a little diner again in the city. The last meal before the Club Show. Afterwards we had a brillant night till 05.00h in the morning. I played a 3 hour Show in the Deep Room and the closing set with Tech House in the upper Floor. Some impressions uploaded on Instagram.

Latest 27.01.18 - Member Of "Music Killers"

One day I got an email in my inbox. It was 89.5 Music Fm. This came in the right time after I had some bad weeks behind me. It lightened up my day, one thing led to another and I ve been booked in Budapest. Let me introduce:

In 2016 the Music Killer
s DJ Show kicked off a new era of music when Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and Tiesto joined the DJ crew from Budapest. Since then, they play every Saturday evening from (20h) in the 89.5 Music Fm radio program, Hardwell every Sunday from 21h.


Music Killers is the only real live DJ Show in Hungary, where the most famous top DJs and real world stars are mixed together! With webcams it is possible to watch and listen to the Music Killers DJ Show live and to post on the 89.5 Music Fm Facebook page and ask the DJs directly!

Listen here: 89.5 Music Fm!

Latest 15.11.17 - Start Of "The Box Music" Label

Finally "The Box Music" was born in November 2017! We are glad that we managed over the time a professional DJ, Producer, Booker, Club and Bar network between Konstanz, Luzern and Zurich, operating in these cities. From House up to Techno DJs, from fancy Bars till big factory Club. We want to expand and welcome new innovative personalities and possibilities.

Click here to get more info The Box Music.

Latest 22.09.17 - 4th Residency In Les Garcons Zurich

After my residencies in Konstanz and Luzern and some guest gigs in Zurich in Gallery Club and Club Hard One, I was booked in a little dance bar in the heart of Zurich, parallel to the nightlife district "Langstrasse". in Les Garçons. A well known scene location for groovy House and Techno events. Because of my Host experiences I started my own events in this location. "Our House" with various Co- DJs which I book myself and "Music. Is The Answer." with my favorite DJane Linda Grazia. We want to expand and I am excited where the journey goes to. No exclusive contract in Zurich.

Click here to get more info Les Garcons Zurich.

Latest 28.05.17 - 3rd Residency In Penthouse Luzern

Very happy to play the first time high above the roofs of the city of lights! Penthouse Bar & Club in Luzern.  Part of the company Astoria where I am exclusive contracted in the area of Luzern. 360 Bar & Club. A must see if you visit Luzern.

Click here to get more info about Penthouse Luzern.

Latest 11.02.17 - 2nd Residency In Alte Schachtel Konstanz

After collecting live experiences in Luzern, I got the chance to play in a  warehouse club at the border of Germany and Switzerland, Alte Schachtel Club in Konstanz. High roof, large dancefloor, thats the factory hall with its timeless flair. You will find House & Techno basically. Contracted as resident DJ first, and after Host & DJ for my own event called Nebula Clubbing and Booker for my Co- DJs, various national and international DJs.

Click here to get more info about Alte Schachtel Club on Facebook.

Latest 28.01.17 - 1st Residency In Blue Luzern

After some months of mixing Deep House for my own, I got the chance to play in Luzern, in one of the fanciest dance bars in central Switzerland named Blue. Well known for its classic and modern House events. After my first play, i ve got a resident contract. I am very happy to be part of the DJ crew. In Luzern exclusive contracted for the company Astoria and their various bar & club locations.

Click here to get more info about Blue.


Hey, my name is Feri and I am supporting the House Remix Movement and rising House DJs/Producers. Everytime in search for shining new interpretations of golden tracks. Mainly performing DJ & Booker for The Box Music and Radio DJ for the Music Killers from 89.5 Music Fm -  The House style depends. In Clubs basically Uplifting energetic House with peak at Tech House & Techno. In Bars and on Radio remix based Classic House and Deep House. Starting own productions in 2018 as "The Next Step".