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We are living THIS SOUND! Unique tracks packed in one DJ RADIO SHOW. The soundline presents timeless classics and new releases, DEEP HOUSE from radio to club vibe. Jump in, follow, fasten your seat belt and lets take off!

All Dates 

Latest 06.11.20 - NYE Mix 20/21 in Dec!

The fourth show of NYE Mix is just around the corner. Again with the best deep house tracks of the year, in one show to close the year. Stay tuned!

Latest 21.08.20 - DHFV Show 45

This is the sound we are living for! I´m back with finest House Music tunes mixed in one DJ show for you. Enjoy!

Latest 25.04.20 - PayPal.Me Open Now

You can support this format financially via PayPalIn order to produce the mix shows more regularly and on a continuing high level or higher, this format is dependent on external support. The support is only put into the music, such as new music purchases, music equipment and payment of the online platforms.

Latest 16.10.19 - New Mixes 

There is a Deep House Friday Vibes Show 38 and short after a New Years Eve Mix 19/20 on the horizon for this year! Dont leave the year behind ya without a Closing Show. 

Latest 11.02.19 - Music Fm Closure

Latest 15.12.18 - Show Break

In a break from nighttime DJing.

Latest 29.10.18 - Music Submissions

Dear Producer & Labels, if you submit your music for a play in the Deep House Friday Vibes Radio Show, so please mind following requirements:

1. Send in wav / minimum 320kbs mp3
2. Direct download link
3. Add artist infos
4. Deep House with 118 - 126 bpm
5. Minimum duration 03:00 min


Thanks in advance!

Latest 05.05.18 - Tracklists 

Checkout all the played Music Killers Radio Shows and the tracklists on the Music Killers website.

Latest 24.02.18 - Deep Lison´s Radio Show

After an amazing debut party in Budapest, I am joining the Hungarian Music Killers Radio Show and play my DJ sets on national frequency 89.5 Music FM every saturday, 20.00h - 21.00h local Budapest time.

Listen Now 89.5 Music Fm